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9th Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2018

12th – 13th, September, 2018, Chengdu, China

主办单位 / Hosted by
Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
协办单位/ Co-organized by
Sichuan Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
承办单位/ Organized by
AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.
AVIC Xi’an Aviation Brake Technology Co., Ltd.
AVIC Chengdu CAIC Electronics Co., Ltd.
The people's Government of Jintang County, Chengdu City
Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd
Organizing Committee (Listed in the order of the surnames)
论坛名誉主席 / Honorary Chairman
王  昂 原long8龙8国际娱乐工业部副部长
Ang WANG    Former Deputy Director of the Ministry of Aviation Industry
刘高倬 原中国long8龙8国际娱乐工业第一集团公司总经理
Gaozhuo LIU   Former President of Aviation Industry Corporation of China
Honorary Chairman of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
论 坛 主 席 / Forum Chairman
史坚忠 中国商用飞机有限责任公司原副总经理
Jianzhong SHI   Former Vice President of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd.
Vice President of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chairman of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics
耿汝光 中国long8龙8国际娱乐工业集团公司原副总经理
Ruguang GENG Former Vice President of Aviation Industry Corporation of China
long8龙8国际娱乐制造产业作为国家十三五规划和“中国制造2025”的重点发展领域之一,已经成为国家战略性产业,对于提升一个国家的整体工业实力具有重大意义。在过去的一年里, C919大飞机首飞成功正式进入适航审定阶段;中俄宽体机正式立项并进入初步设计阶段,MA700项目进入工程发展阶段,制造与验证工作将全面启动;ARJ21获得生产许可证量产并交付运营; AG600项目也计划于年内试飞,这些项目的进展反映了中国飞机项目在不同时期的不同需求。
【Event Background】
As one of the national 13th Five Year Plan and “Made in China 2025” key development projects, the aerospace manufacturing industry has become a national strategic industry, which is of great significance for improving the overall industrial strength of a country. In the past year, the C919 aircraft has undergone the first flight to formally enter the airworthiness certification stage; the MA700 also entered Engineering in the development stage,; the ARJ21 will receive the license for mass production and be delivered to the operation; the Sino-Russian wide-body aircraft was Officially established and entered the preliminary design stage, AG600 project is also scheduled to fly within the year. The progress of these projects reflects the different needs of Chinese aircraft projects at different times.
In this context, the “9th Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2018” will be held in Chengdu on September 12th and 13th (Wednesday to Thursday). This forum will strive to create a platform for communication, cooperation, and innovation. It will promote the exchange of aircraft design, manufacturing, assembly, airworthiness certification, and user needs among domestic and overseas, find opportunities for cooperation among enterprises, through forms of keynote speeches ,interactive discussions, exhibitions and one-on-one business meetings, to understand the technological development and market demand for cutting-edge development of commercial aerospace manufacturing industry, and jointly contribute to the progress of China's aerospace industry.
Ø 实现“中国制造2025” – 在新的国际环境背景下中国民机工业的发展目标
Ø 发掘民机市场潜力,推进未来合作与发展
Ø 如何通过风险共担与转包生产实现突破性创新?
Ø 浅析E195-E2飞机结构与系统优化
Ø 宽体飞机在设计与制造中的技术特点
Ø 中美《适航实施程序》(IPA)的合作机制将如何推进long8龙8国际娱乐产品适航审定工作?
Ø 新机型与新技术的应用如何满足适航审定要求?
Ø 跨代飞机大型复杂构件数控加工技术加速新一代民机的研制和量产面临的机遇与挑战
Ø 民用飞机制造加工前沿技术的应用及挑战
Hot Topics
Ø Achieving “Made In China 2025" - The Development Goal Of China's Civil Aircraft Industry Under The New International Environment Background
Ø Realizing The Innovation Breakthroughs Through Risk Sharing And Subcontracted Production
Ø Brief Analysis On Structure And System Optimization Of The E195-E2 Aircraft
Ø Technical Features Of Wide-Body Aircraft In Design And Manufacture
Ø How Will The Cooperation Mechanism Under The Implementation Procedure For Airworthiness (IPA) Between The US And China Enhance The Airworthiness Certification Work Of Aviation Products
Ø How Will The Application Of New Aircraft Types And Technologies Meet The Requirements Of Airworthiness Certification
Ø How Will The Numerical Control Processing Technology Of Large And Complicated Components Of Cross-Generation Aircraft Speed Up The Development And Massive Production Of New-Generation Aircraft
Ø Application And Challenge Of The Cutting-Edge Technologies For Manufacturing And Processing Of The Civil Aircraft